Seven Steps to Ace Music Theory

Seven Steps to Ace Music Theory Music theory is a fundamental in every college music degree. It is usually broken up into four semesters and paired with a lab known as aural skills. Normally, the theory class is where we learn the concepts that underpin musical function from the common practice period through the 20th […]

Guthrie Sonata No. 2 for Solo Violoncello

Sonata No. 2 for Solo Violoncello Composed Spring, 2015 World premiere performance, Campbell University Duration: 20:00 I. Moderato II. Air III. Loure/Musette James M. Guthrie, violoncello The Moderato is cast in sonata-allegro form. After a brief introduction establishing a clear tonal center on D, the primary theme begins in the low register of the cello. […]

11 Tips for Efficient Music Practice

11 Tips for efficient musical practice and rehearsal Problem: Practice is boring, it takes too long, you’re not really improving very much – you keep making the same mistakes over and over, it seems to take forever just to get ready to practice and you get tired of practicing pretty quickly. When you finally perform […]